About Academy

Nupur Folk Dance Academy was established in September 1999 by Nirmal Gosavi and has since been one of the leading folk dance institutes in the Bay Area, California. The Academy works to preserve and present folk dance traditions of India. India is a large country with a very rich culture and tradition, which varies from state to state. Many of these traditions are embodied by unique folk dances where joy is freely expressed with rhythm and spontaneity. This basic essence of the folk dancing is brought alive by the students at the Nupur Folk Dance Academy and to the community at large through their performances. The students of the academy have till date learned and presented folk dances from different states of India, like Maharshtra, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kashmir, Punjab to name a few.

In addition to the folk dances, the students at the Academy also have the opportunity to learn about the Indian culture through dances representing different traditional themes, such as Festivals of India, Weddings of India, etc. These dances have their roots in the traditions and have a cultural background that is a vital part of India's artistic heritage. At the Academy, we strongly believe that besides being fun to learn, folk dancing also helps develop team building, working together and bonding among the performers.

At the academy, students learn the folk dances from various states of India such as:

Garba Dandiya from Gujarat
Bhangra from Punjab
Tipppani from Saurashtra
Koli Dance from Maharashtra
Athang Nritya or Gof Gunthan from Saurashtra

and many more...